Tuesday, April 17, 2012

After Night Came Sun

So, I found this post from WAY long ago. As in, the beginning of November.
Regrettably, I never posted it (what is wrong with me?!?!)
So just humor me with this one, suspend reality for like five minutes, and pretend it's the weekend of November 4, 2011. Which was the date of the concert in question. :)


Tim, Steffanie, Zeke, Sierra and I went to the Ryanhood concert on Friday night! It was the release show for their new album, After Night Came Sun, and may I just say:


There's a reason they're my favorite band. They played some old (favorite!) familiar songs from Sad and Happiness and The World Awaits, and then they debuted their entire new album (which, because they're super cool and I've met them, I got an advance signed copy of - I felt so legit!). 

Not only was it great to hear their sweet new jams, but spending the evening with my boyfriend and some of my closest friends after what felt like one of the longest weeks of my life was just what the doctor ordered. 

(In Gretchen Weiners voice from Mean Girls) 
It. Was. Awesome

Here. Educate yourself. 

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