Monday, October 22, 2012

Birthday Week

This was, hands down, the best birthday yet.

Maybe it's a bit excessive, but I love birthdays so much that I don't have just a birthday... I have birthday week. Yes. A whole week. Seven days of excitement, of splendid saturnalian celebration... it is my favorite. I think the fact that my birthday always falls directly after the school year ends makes it even sweeter...

But this year topped all years prior, bar none, hands down.
On Wednesday, May 16, hen I got off of work at 5, Tim and I packed up the car (we borrowed his mom's minivan) and headed up to Phoenix! I haven't seen my mom or sister since Christmas, so I bet you can imagine my excitement... on the car ride up, it probably looked a little something like this. Include tail wag.

We got to my mom's house, I got to meet her new boyfriend, and we got to hang out and talk and it was lovely.
BUT THEN. The next day. We packed up the car again... Tim took me to Ono's Hawaiian Barbeque for lunch... and we drove to California!!! My grandparents own a timeshare at the Southern California Beach Club in Oceanside, and they invited us to come stay with them over the weekend to celebrate my birthday. Sarah and her boyfriend Bryce came up on Friday night too, and we all stayed until Sunday.

It was incredible. My grandparents' condo is literally right on the beach, the weather was a little cool but the most perfect escape from this horrid Arizona heat, and I got to be surrounded by people that I love for four days. I think that I sort of repress how hard it is for me to be so physically disconnected from all of my family, but getting to be with my grandparents and my cousins and niece and my wonderful boyfriend and my best friend all at once was the best medicine for homesickness that I could have asked for. Home really is where the heart is, and this weekend with my family is the most at home that I've felt in months. (Being right on the beach probably helped, too ;) ).