The Adventurer

Hello there! I'm Nalani, and this blog is all about the adventures that I encounter on this crazy, wonderful, Jesus-filled journey called life. 

Why do I write here? See what I had to say in this blog post :)

Some things to know about me:

 I graduated from the University of Arizona in 2014 with a degree in Physiology.

Arizona Men's Basketball is one of my biggest passions.
 I have the most incredible, supportive family and friends in the world.
Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship changed my life. 
I believe that love is what makes everything worth it.
 Like Buddy the Elf, laughing (and Christmas!) is my favorite.

Here are some other things that are my favorite: 

I like laughing, praying, cooking, baking, blogging, singing, dancing, cuddling, journaling, throwing parties, going on adventures with my boyfriend, going to happy hour and taking fitness classes with my friends, Chi Alpha, discipleship, UofA Men's Basketball, UFC, country music, cats, birthdays, good books, tea, Diet Dr. Pepper, tattoos, Christmas, shoes, dangly earrings, makeup, nail polish, lace, the Eiffel Tower, and all things sparkly.

I don't feel very brave, but my heart craves an adventure. And I'm finding out what mine looks like, one day at a time.

To hear about my daily adventures, follow me on the Twitter: @nalanidanielle

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