Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The End Is Near!

After what feels like an entire semester of living on campus in class and work and holed up in the library studystudystudying and workworkworking, the semester is finally winding to a close. And for maybe the first time since I started college, I feel so good about how my semester went :). I worked my hiney off and studied and paid my bills and was broke and didn't have very many groceries at times and didn't do many fun things and didn't get to see my roommates or my boyfriend or my family nearly as much as I would have liked, 


I got good grades and got to know my classmates better and learned to cherish the times I did have with the people that mattered and didn't go into debt and learned how to budget and was appreciated by my boss and prayed a LOT and kept my priorities straight and didn't get overwhelmed and went on an AMAZING missions trip and served the Lord and stayed faithful to my promises...

and I feel really, really blessed. :)

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