Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sunshine and Summertime

Hello dolls! As per the terrible habit I have of maintaining this blog in a timely fashion, it has (yet again) been forever since I've written here! Summer has come and almost gone, and with it so many new lessons and memories- they keep getting better every year that I get older. :) I cannot at this particular moment find my journal, or else I would provide a much more accurate retelling of the fabulous summer I was blessed with, so the following few posts shall be more of a smorgasbord of thoughts and rememberings and musings. For the sake of all of you lovely people who actually read this, I'm going to really hanker down and commit to the following project- one of my more brilliant think-ups for this particular medium of thought, I must say. For the next seven days, I am going to write one entry here per day, wherein I discuss/dissect a favorite general memory from the summer, a lesson I learned, a relative that I particularly appreciate (since family is so incredibly important to, haha) and why I appreciate them, and something new that I realized about my life (this may or may not connect to the lesson). This is, of course, so that I don't just sit here for hours one day and write a novel-worthy entry of everything about my summer that comes to mind.

I will henceforth call this project The Seven Day Summer Speculation (yep. I did just use alliteration to name my thought project.)

Summary of the Seven Day Summer Speculation (I just had to laugh at that one):
  • 7 Days
  • 7 Entries
    • A favorite memory
    • A lesson I learned (or perhaps more appropriately, that God tried to teach me)
    • A wonderful relative
    • A new realization about my life
  • Summer reflection
  • Preparation for a new year to do new amazing things!
Starting tomorrow, reflection shall commence!  Please feel free to share in my reflections with me- I love comments, people! :)

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