Sunday, August 8, 2010

A Brief Interlude For A Fashion Phenomenon

So this is a bit random, but I simply have to post this amazingness. It's definitely true that vanity is a sin, but when you view fashion as an art and personal expression, and not merely as an incentive for people to look at you and your stuff, I think some licenses can be taken here.

So here's what I have to share, a little Style Steal of the week, if you will. For those who don't care about shopping or fashion, my apologies.

I got these shield sunglasses by Elle for $12. 
Actual retail price: $77.91. 
MAJOR steal. I'm so proud of this one.

These strappy pumps, also by Elle, I snatched up for a whopping $5.99.
Actual retail price: $69.99.

My ability to find good bargains (which is really the only reason I am able to shop at all, haha) is something that I am highly thankful to have. Yay!

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