Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A Higher Agenda

Here's just a snippet of something I wrote on March 24, just after Women's Group. :)

Today at Women's Group, Michaela spoke about God's Will, and how to know what it is and how to follow it. It was an excellent discussion, and I feel like it was exactly what God is speaking into my life right now. There are so many things I'm trying to make decisions about and move forward on. Plans for my future, how that affects my major and school, housing for next year... they're all big decisions, and they're all things I need to honor God in - and they're also things I'm stressing out about.

Which, in itself, is not being honorable to God's will.

I read a few days ago in Crazy Love that worry and stress are basically ways that we tell God that we aren't trusting in His faithfulness - that WE'RE ALLOWING OUR PROBLEMS TO BECOME BIGGER THAT WHAT GOD CAN ACCOMPLISH. And that's really something I need to keep sight of. God is so much bigger than any hurdles life can throw my way, and I need to simply have faith that God is going to bless the situations I find myself in if I continue to seek after His desires. Only He can light my way -  my job is just to be faithful!

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