Saturday, May 8, 2010

Wilder Project #2

I think my first post about the trip highlighted the gist of what we did at UCI, so I'll just put up a couple of the rest of the photos I took, because they turned out quite well! I think a lot about what went down on our little mission can be inferred from them- and you know what they say, a picture is worth a thousand words! :)

Of course, if anyone wants to know more about what happened on our trip or wants to hear some stories about the amazing people we encountered, feel free to ask!

Poor Todd in the trunk!

 Being WILD was tiring!
 9 people... 7 seats?
Huntington Beach

 We were pretty much inseparable! Kinda. 

 Right before we "broke" the coffee table

On our nighttime adventure to worship on the beach
Charity praying for a girl we found on a treasure hunt

 Our team on campus at UCI!

 Sarah up in a tree... an event that led us to a very memorable encounter!

 On our last day on campus, and our beach day!

 Someone stole Travis' shoelaces... ahem...

At Gina's Pizza on our beach day for dinner!

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