Thursday, August 27, 2009


     So, having a four-hour-long Chemistry lab at 8 o'clock in the morning is absolutely ungodly. Actually, having a four-hour-long Chemistry lab at any time of the day is ungodly, so I suppose that's enough about that. Thank goodness it was the first day, though... TA-From-Colombia-With-A-Very-Heavy-Accent-That-Is-VERY-Difficult-To-Understand-I-Teach-You-Nothing-You-Learn-Everything-My-Name-Is-Alejandro let us out an hour early :). Which left me ample time to head back home, make some delightfully strong Hawaiian coffee (because duh... where else would I get my coffee from?), eat some breakfast, and take a teeeeeeny nappy nap.
     La clase de espanol was breezy...again...I have a feeling that's what it's going to be like aaaaaall year. Which, right hand up, I have absolutely no qualms with. *insert cheesy, under-achiever smile here.* But seriously... the actual Spanish lesson is soooo simple to me, where it takes the other students quite longer to grasp, and our "project" today made me giggle. But of course, my other classes are going to require buckets of legwork, so I figured I might as well maintain the one no-brainer class I ended up with.
   This was my second day eating Panda this week for lunch... Makes me miss Hillary and all our crazy after-Pulse shenanigans :(. Anyways, I wasn't even planning on having it, but as soon as I walked into the Union and saw that Panda was the only place open with absolutely no one in their line (when does that EVER happen?!) I knew it was fate :). So, back in my dorm, half a carton of orange chicken and three cream cheese rangoons later, the drama of the day commenced. My laptop seriously WIGGED out... I've never been so scared for any of my precious technology before in my life! I won't go into the gritty details, but fixing the problem did entail one very scared phonecall to my wonderful Grandpa about my computer (since I am completely tech-no-go) and one less scared but more money-concious call to my mommy later, and an almost-two-hour-long phonecall with HP Tech Support (thanks for the number, Mama!! :D), my beloved laptop was cured. AND, may I add, I was on hold with stupid tech support for the majority of that darned call! On the up side, the guy who finally helped me fix el problema was working out of INDIA! How cool is that? "Hey Nalani, whadya do today?" "Oh, nothing. You know, freaked out about my broken computer, talked to a guy in India on the phone..." Haha.
     Gym tonight was excellent as well! Instead of those accursed stair-climber-devil's-toys we did yesterday, we spent almost an hour today riding the stationary bikes and doing reading for our classes (oh yes-- simultaneously!). It was quite an excellent arrangement! Rode 16 miles on a bike, read two chapters for class... can I get a woot woot? Needless to say, we felt amazing afterwards.
     Since I was on such a good-body-high after the gym, I decided to eat healthily for dinner tonight, so I ordered a sub and a pickle from Jimmy John's, which I have been dying to do since I got the flyer!! Now, the following includes absolutely no exaggeration-- I ordered my food, and litereally two minutes later, the guy showed up at my dorm with my order! It was amazing, and the food was simple delicious. It was fantastic :).
     Then there was a little family drama-rama about this awful class that I don't want to take, but I don't particularly want to divulge the nitty gritty because it makes me feel less exuberant. And I'm going to get it all worked out tomorrow... which means I need my beauty sleep!
    Au revoir.

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