Wednesday, August 26, 2009

El Dia Numero Dos: Class, Coffee, Working Out, Paradise. Good :).

     Today was actually an extremely satisfying day... I didn't realize that the good times would come rolling in so soon! Of course, I've been miserable these past many days, but yesterday was alright, and today was even better. Class started off nicely at 9:30, and continued with extremely agreeable breaks in between the three. I'm very satisfied with the way my Calculus class has started off-- hopefully it will stay that way! After Spanish, which ended at one, I went to the bookstore to get new pens (because I'm sure some of you know how particular I am about my pens!), which was a success, but I also unexpectedly found a really pretty poster for my room! It's a picture of the beach, very serene, and at the bottom in a breathy font it says "breathe." I thought it was extremely appropriate (I'm sure some of you also recognize the consistency with which I STRESS myself the HECK out). I love it, and so does my roommate, which is always a plus. The poster strangely matches her side of the room... I offered to have her put it up on her side, since it matches so well, but she gracefully declined :).
     Anyways, after the bookstore, which took forever until I grew some brains and went to a different checkout (ha... I'm only smart sometimes, I guess...), I went outside to head back to my dorm when, lo and behold-- A POSTER FAIR!!!! It was magical, amazing, fanTASMIC! haha... There were SO many excellent posters, and I had a grand time flipping through them all-- with no intention of buying another, of course. *starts in ominous story book voice* But then, as I'm flipping through a section of music and movie posters, there, RIGHT before my eyes, appears RENT!!!! I was SO bloody excited, I pulled that poster out of it's sleeve so fast you'da thought I was Dash. (Incredibles, anyone?) So this simply amazing stroke of luck only cost five bucks, so of course I bought it :). Now it's cheerily reminding me that there really is "No day but today." Simply excellent :).
     To continue to add to the wonderful day I was already having (and it wasn't even three o'clock yet!) I decided to whip out my awesome hot pot, boil me some water (it boiled in seriously less than a minute! I was amazed), and have a Cup O' Noodles :). Welcome to college, eh? Anyways, it was delicious, and I got most of my Chemistry reading done (which is saying something, since I had a ton). I then decided to ride my new pretty pink bicycle to Calculus, which was grrrrreat! I seriously got there in two minutes. Even though a guy on a motorcycle almost ran me over... showoff. Calculus was good, and then I headed back to the dorms and did some work. Then, at about seven, I headed over the Pinal and met up with Christen and Breanna and we all went to the gym, which, by the way, I did not even know was right across the street from my dorm!! Duh... We had an awesome workout on the stair-stepper thing-ma-bobs, did some crunches, and reveled in our sweaty disgustingness. It was so fun, we decided to do it every night! Ha... ambitious, right? Then, Breanna headed back to their dorm to do some homework and Christen and I walked down to University Blvd. and stopped and Paradise Bakery for dinner! Good old Garrick works there, so we chatted with him for a little while, then took our salads to a bar table and enjoyed them and our riveting conversation until they kicked us out at 9:30 (half an hour past closing! ha!). I was really just incredible. It was so good to get to know her better, and we had so many things to relate us to each other and to talk about. I haven't talked that much since, I don't know when! We laughed and giggled like little teenage girls... it was simply fantastic.
     So that was pretty much my day... Katrina's gotten in bed now, so I should probably do the same... up bright and early for class tomorrow :(.

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