Friday, August 28, 2009

Ryanhood and ness.

     Once again, another lovely day :). Didn't have class until 9:30, so naturally I woke up at After that class, which was my Chem review class or whatever I suppose it's called (I should probably dub it something for clarification, yeah?) I went aaaaaaaall the way to the Gittings builing at the complete opposite end of campus... And I suppose this would be a bad thing, except I was riding my bike, the weather was lovely, I think that side of campus is beautiful, and it was only 10:30 so there was hardly anyone around! Once I got there I had to wait a bit to see my advisor because he had some silly girl in his office who kept changing her mind (literally while I was there) about whether she wanted to switch her Physiology major to Psychology or not. After about half an hour of supreme annoyance on my part (I could have made the bloody decision for her and it would have been just as well) I finally got in to see the advisor... and BOY did he help me out a lot! He gave me so much information that I didn't already have (thanks a lot, Honors College. Suck it.) about graduating with honors, and when I told him my concerns about a class I had been enrolled in and didn't want to take but was interested in the one (yeah... a class that required a T-Rex sized workload for one bloody Honors unit) credit... he took one look at my 18-unit schedule and told me I should drop the class right then and there. Which is what I wanted... yay for having personalized puzzle pieces in life!
     My other two classes were pretty much uneventful... although I do think I failed my first "review" math exam. Simple algebra, my ASS... "Five tee squared four to the infinity power ex why ninety seven kitty kitty lick lick solve for tee when there's a million other variables in the way" is NOT exactly what I would consider simple algebra. But of course, then it was over and I didn't care anymore. Ha.
    So after I got back to my dorm and Katrina left for her 5 o'clock class and I was doodling around on the internet with nothing to do, Christen calls with wonderful news! Apparently there was a welcome back barbeque on the Mall that I was completely unaware of... but Christen said "free concert" and I was out the door with my bag and keys. There was something about free Chick-a-filla, but I wasn't too interested in that... for some reason I wasn't hungry? Which hardly ever happens... anyways, I had some delicous sweet tea and Christen and I sat in the audience and watched this AMAZING band that I had never heard of before, called "Ryanhood"! They're a duo who sings and plays guitar-- Ryan Green and Cameron Hood. Get it? Get it? Heheheeee....
    The point is, they were phenomenal. Seriously.... new favorite band in the hiz-ouuuuuse! I got their CD and t-shirt and everything, and they gave me a pretty sweet poster, too. They have to records previous to the one I got, so I'm definitely considering iTunes-ing it up in here. I've never loved a band so much right from the get-go before... So I must be right and they must be simply fantastic :). You should check them out... Go. Right now.
    So after said amazing concert, Christen and I went to the gym (of course) but Bre had a bunch of homework. So Christen and I stationary-biked it for an hour, which felt incredible! And then when I got back, suddenly people in my hall decided to start being friendly and two people just had to have me over to their rooms! Which was fine, but it was already 9:30 and I was hungry and needed to shower... but nevertheless I went and had a jolly bit of fun :).
    Then, after I ate my delicious microwaved Ziti with Meat Sauce bowl, I went to take a shower, and when I finished there were two other girls in the bathroom and we just chatted a little bit while we were getting ready for bed... well, apparently the bathroom has super-ninja-echo-powers, because even though we were talking at our usual volumes, Rachel (our lovely RA) came into the bathroom and told us she could hear us all the way down the hall! Yipes! So after our bathroom scolding (we were definiely in violation of quiet hours...) I watched cute videos of kittens on YouTube and then became tired. So now I am going to read Christen's paper and then go sleeeeeep!
     Auf wiedersehen.

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