Saturday, August 29, 2009

Hot chai lattes at 11:30 at night when it's 100 degrees outside... I'm a smart cookie!

     Today was a very nice, relaxed day. Didn't have my first class until 11, which was nice. I slept incredibly soundly last night... so wierd. When my alarm went off at 9:30 I couldn't believe it was already time to wake up... I didn't even realize I fell asleep! Katrina and I stay up so late talking and giggling to each other quite often... last night was one of multiples that we fell asleep talking about silly girl things. I really enjoy living with her... she's so nice, and we have so many similar qualities about us... all in all, I definitely got blessed with a really good roommate :).
     My first class today was Honor's Quest... this year it's going to be all about how we create ourselves through memory. All of my other classes this year are so basic (I mean, compared to the accelerated Honors and AP levels I've been used to all my life) that I get frustrated with the rudimentary quality of the things we do, but this Quest class is going to be a nice transportation back into the intellectual level that I'm so fondly used to. It's going to be quite a lot of work, but I welcome it... I'm very excited to see the course it takes.
     Nothing noteworthy about Chemistry or Calculus. After class I went to visit my buddy Zach who also lives in my hall. His room is very "chill-guy-pad"-esque. He has this HUGE bean bag-- I guess it's called a Love Sack?-- but honest to blog my right hand in the air, it was THE most comfortable thing I've ever laid on! He played me some really good music and it was so relaxing that I almost fell asleep! Haha. But after our nice little visit I went out to dinner with Christen. We had no idea where we wanted to eat initially, so we just walked down University and, after much wierdness (some odd fraternity shenanigans were going on, we walked right past a hookah bar, and some creepy kids tried to scare us into joining their church), we decided on this awesome little Mexican place called La Salsa. There was a salsa bar in there with 8 delicious different kinds of salsa (shocker!) and Christen had a fabulous taco salad, and my chicken quesadilla was phenominal! It was a very good dinner.
     Then, since we were silly hungry and had decided to eat before we went to work out, we took the long way back to my dorm to walk off the bloating. Christen tripped over the sidewalk and I dribbled tea down my chin, and after I got changed we headed to Christen's dorm. Whitney and Breanna came over, and after a bit of football (Cards and Redskins, you have let me down tonight. I am quite ashamed of you both.)-- and, might I add, a bit of yelling on mine and Christen's part-- we headed to the gym. Again, excellent workout :).
     When I got home, Katrina was going through all of her clothes, organizing them such, so we had a nice little roommate fashion show, trying on each others' clothes and shoes and giggling about how someday we're going to get all dolled up and go out on the town and pick up random fellas... it was good fun! Then we went to Highland Market, where Katrina got a delicious breakfast burrito (hooray for 24-hour food markets!) and I got a chai latte... I've never had to tell the barista how to make my drink before. It was unsettling, but after a bit of excellent direction on my part and one serious overflow on his, he finally got the darn latte right.
     Then of course, having the silly girl day that we've had, Katrina and I played MASH. I'm going to live in a mansion in Los Angeles with my gorgeous husband Taylor Lautner, and I will be driving an Aston Martin Vanquish. Life's good :).
     Tomorrow commences my first weekend spent here in Tucson alone... wish me luck! I'm going out to lunch at Three Cheese and a Noodle with Chris Petty. Good times and remember whens shall commence!
     Buona notte.

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