Sunday, August 30, 2009

El Fin De Semana! Ole!

     So, all things considered (you know, the whole being away from home and family bit), my first weekend as an officially moved-out individual was excellent! Yesterday, Saturday, I had a very nice lunch with Chris :). Our original destination, Three Cheeses and A Noodle, was closed (sad face!), so we went to another little place called IQ Fresh (happy face!) which serves myriad (thanks, Ms. Taylor!) salads,wraps, and smoothies. I had a strawberry/peach/banana smoothie, which was amazing, a Greek chicken wrap, and some fries. The wrap was good while I was eating it, but the dressing was really strong and by the time I got back to my room I had, along with my huge order of fries, a mad order of stomachache :(.
     After a lazy nap, around 4 I went over to Christen's place (where else would I find rascally shenanigans to get into around here! ;D) where we watched Brad Pitt run around in sexy Greek armor, Eric Bana kick butt (and then get his butt handed right back to him), and Orlando Bloom cower in fear like a sniveling...well, coward (honestly, I extremely dislike his character in Troy! Selfish royalty types.) Then, for lack of anything more exciting to do in what I'm continuing to discover is BORING Tucson, we headed down to University for dinner. After stopping at Paradise to see Garrick (who we got extremely upset with since he wouldn't come out with us [homework?? Working?? What foreign concepts are these???] and then promptly forgave [hey, what else would you do when a wonderful friend hands you a bag FULL of free cookies and muffins??], we decided on eating at No Anchovies.
    So, as a result of our laziness and desire to eat at a restaurant that would singularly replace all of the fat and calories we burn every day during the week at the gym, I had some of the most delicious pizza ever! Good deals, too! So Christen and I ate our pizza, watched football (it was not my night), and had some amazingly stimulating conversation about faith and religion :). I enjoyed myself immensely, especially when, after I declared that the Cowboys are in my top five teams, Christen exasperatedly slammed her hand down on the table-- flipping the cup of ranch up and over into her face and hair. SO MANY LAUGHS.... hahaha.
     Then, after Katrina and I had both settled into our pj's and decided we were in for the night, we both got bored. This started around midnight... so we decided to go do our laundry! (Of course-- what other logical decision would come up?!) Never have I ever had so much fun doing laundry! We talked, and giggled, and danced, and met a very cute guy! It was fabulous. This productiveness was followed by more talking and giggling in our room, until the very reasonable hour of four AM. :) Quite excellent, no?
     Today, my friend Zach from a few of my classes came over at 10 AM (HIS choice, not mine... OBVIOUSLY.) so we could finish a couple of assignments for Chemistry. We finished a little after 11, and then, a little after noon, I was presented with a fabulous surprise! My amazing mommy and sister drove all the way down from Mesa to take me out to lunch!! I was completely taken aback-- SO not expecting it! Anyways, we went to the Macaroni Grill. It was simply wonderful-- we had soooo many good laughs, and the food was phenominal. We had fried mozzarella for our appetizer, I had bowtie pasta with mushrooms and chicken in an asiago cheese sauce, and tiramisu (my favorite!!!) for dessert!
     After dropping me off back at my room, they left, and after a couple of hours chatting with Chel and Kailey (her roommate), I totally hunkered down! I got so much work done, and now I'm free to spend the rest of my evening relaxing :). I don't have class until noon tomorrow (I never thought I'd say this, but I love Mondays :] ), so it will be pretty laid back too. I might stop and get some coffee before class... I do believe I'm starting to warm up to college :).
     Buenas noches.

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