Sunday, September 13, 2009

And That's What You Get When You Let Your Heart Win...

Head under water, and you tell me to breathe easy for a while...
Jeez it's been a bit since I've so interestingly updated the world on my life! Since August 30th, my lazy last post, lots of shenanigans have gone on! I went home for Labor Day weekend, which was simply amazing. I had SO much fun! I got home around seven o'clock, and la familia took me out to dinner at Village Inn- I forgot how good it could be! Then, after much laughing and remembering how much I missed home, I went to the football game at Desert Ridge! It was nice to be back, and I saw some wonderfully familiar faces (Sam! and of course my little senior babies, Gabby, Katie, Samantha, and Rachel!) and overall, had a grand old time remembering how much fun high school was. It did make me realize how ready I am to accept that high school is over, though!
Then on Saturday, I went to Costco with my grandparents- always fun! The highlight of the day was dinner with Chelsea, though. We went to Nando's for dinner and BJ's for dessert (mmm... pizookie!!)- I forgot how much I missed her!!! Then on Sunday, Chel and I went and got a pair of THE most amazing pedicures we've EVER had! Thank God for our normal place being closed on holidays! Ha. Then, Sunday night, I went to Chel's family's Labor Day party... Oh so much fun. I can't even describe how much I love being part of their family like I am :). Leaving them all that night felt like leaving my OWN family- even Chelsea's parents' friends! I guess that over all the years that Chelsea and I have been best friends, I've just wiggled my way into my own little cozy spot in their lives. They really make me feel like another daughter... I feel so blessed to have TWO such amazing families!
School has been alright lately as well. I figured out that I do NOT, in fact, enjoy my Honors Quest class... I get frustrated even thinking about it! My professor is ridiculous- the way he speaks is so obscure and he just rambles on and on about things that all of us are pretty sure are irrelevant to getting our assignments done. And then there's this INSANE thing called The Institute that has a huge part in running the course- it's so vague and mysterious and confusing that I sometimes have references to The Company, for you Prison Break/Heroes fans. What if it's a conspiracy to brainwash us?! I wouldn't be surprised- Ha! Tomorrow they're sending us out on a scavenger hunt in small groups for points... and we're all still about 85% confused about what exactly it is that we're doing. Wish me luck!
On a more depressing note, I'm finding myself lately becoming re-entangled in the emotional mess that was my life junior and senior year in high school... and in all honestly I'm NOT enjoying the dramatic reminiscences at all. I hope I can find a way to resolve all this convolution soon, and in a much pleasanter way that I did in high school. One of the things I was most looking forward to about college was leaving all that silly romance drama behind and just being able to be happy... I hope I can make it that way again soon. All this junk is making me realize, though, how utterly and completely lost I would be in life without those amazing people that I am blessed enough to call my friends. :). I've also been reminded of the catharsis that is good music... subscribe to the gift, people! ;)
And on that odd note... I say, bonne nuit.

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