Monday, August 24, 2009

My Life As A Freshman, Take Two.

So, today was the my first official day of COLLEGE! I had three classes... Espanol, Chem, and Calc. I suppose there isn't anything more interesting to say about those topics, since it's, well... school. The havoc of class-finding and heat-stroking continues tomorrow, but opposed to the nice noon o'clock start I had today, my first class begins instead at the crisper, but still very reasonable, hour of 9:30.
I've been having an incredibly hard time adjusting to what most just-graduated-ers think is just fabulous. I was uber excited to start this new phase of my life back when it was summer and I was sitting around at home and knew that I wasn't in high school any more, but then when I got here, and the fascination with my surroundings and the giddiness that accompanied all of my nice new college-life things faded away, I seriously freaked out. The "I want to go home RIGHT now" thought never left my mind, and my cry-baby inclinations probably met their zenith. I'm getting more and more used to it, but it's still extremely difficult to be this far (even thought it's really not that far) away from home. I miss my mom so much...
I suppose the difficulty I've been having has it's own guilty origins. Growing up under a Hawaiian discipline is such a different way of life than the social norm. I was taught that family is everything- without family, no matter how much money you have or how far you get in your education or how cool your iPod is, you have nothing. And being away from the warmth and comfort of my own wonderfully loving family scared the evalibanim out of me. (Dane Cook, anyone?) I've been so blessed with such an incredible family- I could have never asked for anything more. I know that as many hardships I will ever face in my life, I'll always have them... and I suppose that the "We're leaving you here by yourself" undertone of the whole move itself scrapped my previously bloated confidence. I do think that my family was just as nervous about leaving me as I was, and my mommy calls me just about as much as I call her... which I am not embarrassed to say is more than often. The fact that I hardly know anyone, which is a huge change from my high-school-social-butterfly status, has also been making it particularly lonely. I did get blessed with a very agreeable roommate, though- she and I get along very well and so far haven't had any qualms about anything. Hopefully it stays that way- which I'm sure it will :).
The flurry of starting school has kept me nicely distracted from my snifflies, but now I have to worry about a bigger stress than being away from home: going to SCHOOL! Haha.

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