Thursday, July 11, 2013

Philippians 4:13, and a Little Perspective

I subscribe to a guy named Jefferson Bethke on the YouTube - I have actually been watching his videos for a while now. If you've never heard of him (and if you have!), you should go check him out! He makes a lot of awesome videos discussing scripture and Biblical concepts in a really unconventional way, in a way that is practically applicable in our American culture and society today. (Ladies- you should check out his wife, Alyssa, on her blog as well! It is such an encouragement to read and I highly recommend it! Her blog has been a huge inspiration to the way that I manage this blog.) 

Anyway, Jeff posted a video today on a topic that I have been thinking about writing a blog post on myself! I probably still will at some point, because (as always), I have a lot to say, but I thought this video really hits the point on the head. 

As Jeff says in the video, Philippians 4:13 (I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength) is one of the most quoted verses in the entire Bible. For good reason - it's a great verse! But something that I have felt pretty strongly about, especially in my current season, is that it is also one of the most misinterpreted. Philippians 4:12-13 is one of my absolute favorite passages of scripture, but so many people leave out verse 12 when they reference it and, truly, I feel like it is so critical to being able to understand what Paul is actually trying to say!!

These verses have been such an encouragement to me in the past few months, and have really given me perspective on a lot of the incredibly difficult challenges I've had to navigate recently.

Check out this video, and see what Jeff has to say about it! 

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