Tuesday, April 9, 2013

This Is My Story

This song has been one of the biggest encouragements to me this past week. Every new week that I walk through in this season presents so many challenges, but I am so thankful that God uses things like beautiful friends, trashy tv shows (yes, God even uses Carrie Bradshaw to speak truth into my life - somehow!), and incredible songs of worship, praise, and encouragement to lift me up in this darkness. 

I so look forward to the day when I can look back on this period of my life, walking completely free from the brokenness that fills it, and sing this song as a declaration of the victory that I will find at the end of this road. Every day that I submit to the Lord is a victory, indeed, and I know good things are coming - and until I no longer struggle under the weight of my current circumstance, I DO declare these words over my life, and I rejoice that God is faithful and always there.

Ever since that day
It's been clear to me
That no matter what comes
You will never leave
I know You're for me
And You're restoring
Every heartache and failure
Every broken dream
You're the God who sees
The God who rescues me
This is my story
This is my story

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