Thursday, June 23, 2011

Car Breakdowns and Summery, Sunshine-y Things That Make Up For Them

So today, in honor of summer and purely out of the fact that I have been so stressed this past week and just needed some good, high-quality R&R (and a massage just isn't in the cards anytime soon), I spent almost the entire day sitting outside by the pool at a friend's apartment. We talked, I got to know his group of friends, we tanned- it was a grand time! Besides having to go to school in the morning, it was the perfect summer day :) I managed to get a good bit of color, too, so now I can say I'm from Hawaii and not have people think I'm lying due to my paleness. 

Here was my view all afternoon :)

It's been quite a week for me, so I'm glad I got to indulge in this bit of luxury. I had a lot of firsts jam packed into just three days, and may I just say that in having to deal with those firsts (which I'll tell you all about!) I have confirmed that I do not, in fact, handle stress well!

1. I had my first car mishap - it broke down in the middle of my office parking lot :(

2. I had to pay for my first tow (and my second)

3. I put my car in neutral and pushed it to get it out of the way (it's harder than it looks!! I didn't actually have to do this- my roommate, who is quite a hoot actually, insisted that we try it! You can follow her random adventures here. )

4. I actually had to use my car insurance.
5. I had to send my car into a shop (scary!)

6. I had to pick my car up from the shop (the problem turned out to be a teeny tiny [inexpensive!] electrical issue, thank God!)

7. I got pulled over for the first time (I forgot to turn on my lights :( He let me off with a warning!)

It's been a crazy week.
Thankfully, I have things like the delightful day I had at the pool with my friend today and things like not having to take the last physics exam of the session because I got A's on the first three exams to cheer me up. ;)

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