Sunday, November 21, 2010

November Musings (and other fluff)

With the end of fall coming and going, Thanksgiving coming up good and fast, and the promise of another one of the chilly winters that are my absolute favorite, I find thankfulness a lot on my mind lately. Being grateful is possibly one of the easiest and one of the hardest things to do- it's so easy to overlook all of the wonderful blessings that God places in your life, but when you do sit back and reflect in the quiet for a bit, it's even easier to soak in all of the astoundingly great things you can find there :).

Of all the many things in my life that I have to be immensely thankful for, I think the thing that stands out the most (at least in this season of my life) are all of the people that I'm surrounded by right now. They lift me up, help me up when I fall, fill otherwise boring Friday and Saturday nights with fun and memories, teach me things that I don't have the wisdom to see yet myself, and keep me laughing even when I think organic chemistry has sucked all the life out of me that it possibly can. Here's a peek.

My bestie... she's like a part of me. She's the other half of my best/friends necklace - she taught me the meaning of the word friendship. We're tied together inexorably and inexplicably, something I will never understand and will always be thankful for :). We're almost exact opposites in every way, and we fit together like puzzle pieces. My puzzle wouldn't be complete without her! Seven years of friendship and counting... what an adventure :)

She's the big sister that I always asked for when I was little. She makes sure I get to work on time, tsk's me when I skip class, and shares her coffee and her closet with me. She's got the big comfie bed that's perfect for late-night giggling and storytelling and the shoulder that's always there to lean on, and she's a better best friend than I could have defined for myself to find here in this zoo of a place called college :).

Mommy and best friend

Grandparents/Parents/Amazing People

Big brother... big sister... and Jonny. :)

An amazing friend and mentor who's helped me realize more about myself than I ever thought I'd uncover alone... she's like my in-college mommy :)

Best. Roomies. Ever. 

My Family :)

There are so many more pictures that I could include in this entry, but to list every blessing in my life would mean that this blog would NEVER end. God is so so good :)

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