Monday, March 25, 2013

Days Like Today

There are days, awful days, just like today, when you just want to punch all the people in the face and cry. And even more than you want those things, you want everything to be good and joyous and normal again. But  you can't do anything whatsoever to make it that way, and you pray and cry out and listen to all the right worship songs but still it's just miserable...
But then beautiful friends swoop in out of nowhere, tell you they understand where you're at and that it's okay. They pick you up, help you dust yourself off, and remind you that

You are strong
and beautiful
and cared for
and capable - because God is bigger. 

And then, even though things are still pretty miserable, somehow you feel like you can get to the end of this in one piece. And that, in fact, you'll come out stronger at the end than you ever thought you could. That, indeed, you're going to have a beautiful story to tell. 

Thank God that you have friends like that.
Or that I do. 

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