Saturday, January 14, 2012

New Years Resolutions

So even though it seems like I'm a bit behind the curve on this (as in, pssht- it's already the 14th! whatevsies.), I'm actually not. It's actually been a very productive, resolute (ooooh) start to my New Year. I got a pretty sweet jump on 2012, if I do say so myself, and I'm determined to make some pretty sweet changes.

And not for the sake of just making New Years Resolutions.

Because I think that's silly.

No, no... I really put a lot of thought into this. I did some good heart-to-hearting with my Main Squeeze (yeah, you know, the Big Man upstairs (and yes, I'm aware that I'm not as funny as I attempt to be)), and, in all seriousness, I took a good long look at last year. And I asked God what I could do better, and what He has in store for me this year. Of course, He didn't actually tell me (in so many words), but I do know that this is a new year for change and improvement and, in general, the start of me beginning to really take hold of the good things He has for my future.

I am halfway done with college, you know.

This is very exciting :). So, in good-natured New Years tradition, I give you (drumroll please)

My New Years Resolutions

1. Read my Bible everyday
2. Pray more
3. Save money (there's lots of time for me to develop my shoe obsession collection after college)
4. Be more healthy (you know, eating right, exercising, drinking more water, the whole shebang)
5. Study more effectively (time management, people!)
6. Communicate with my parents better/more regularly
7. Go to bed earlier
8. Be more organized
9. Do my laundry every weekend
10. Enjoy the moment

Ta da! 
What are your New Years Resolutions?

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