Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Long-Lost Blogger: Found!


So of course, it's been month and months and months since I last wrote here.

Of course.

So much has happened! I will tell you all about it.
I feel that I also should disclose... I have an urge. I've been fighting it for a while, but the urge is getting much stronger...

I think I'm going to join tumblr.

I just think it would be so much more convenient, seeing as [APPARENTLY] I can't find time to consistently write in this blog. I guess I could just be diligent about it... but anyways. I'll alert the media (or... the handful of you who even read this, I supposed...) if it happens. which it probably will. 

Okay. Enough about that. I'd love to have a record of the wonderful, crazy things that have happened in my life since July, so I'll try to do it succinctly. 

July:  He happened. :)

Well, I mean technically this didn't happen until August. August 16, to be exact.
And it's been bliss :).

August: I started discipling three amazing girls, and to be honest... 
they're teaching me SO much more than I'm teaching them.

Here's Jaime. She's just the sweetest :)

Meeting with her has been such a joy, and I look forward to hearing about her beautiful life every week. You can follow her adventures here.

September: I got to spend tons of time with my dear roommate Steffanie and her family, and I feel like I got to know her so much better. We've grown so close, and every time I hear the Party Rock Anthem I'm reminded of our super special relationship ;).

She's one of my favorites. For reals. I am so blessed by her and I stinkin' love her to pieces. 
You can follow her adventures here and here.

Also in September, I quit my job at RuffaloCODY - which was so liberating! My position ended there amicably and I know I always have a job there to go back to if I need it, but it really cut out a lot of stress from my life and opened up my schedule so that I wasn't just
going going going
ALL the time.

Even though I still kinda do that... oh well. 

October: XA Fall Retreat 2011.
'Nuff said. 

    I am so blessed by the this beautiful family of mine, and retreat this year was particularly challenging. 

I'll write a post all about it soon, I promise.
Hold your horses!

oh and also... IT'S ALMOST HALLOWEEN!!! 

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