Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Seven-Day Summer Speculation: Day Five

1. A Favorite Memory
     This one again is not one particular moment in time, but more of a collaboration of a lot of different moments with the same theme. I started working for Vector Marketing this summer, and even though they were at a rather inconvenient time (8 PM!), I loved our team meetings on Wednesdays. Even though we never really saw each other during the week when we were actually working, the handful of us from the Maui branch that regularly went to team meetings had quite our fill of fun :). We always turned the meetings- which could very well have ended up being just Jessica, our manager, standing at her desk reading the newsletter to us- into an hour and a half of silliness and laughter and cheering (Maui BUILT!) about how our office was so much smaller than Hilo and Kaneohe and we still kicked their butts at conferences. Jessica always had a funny yet motivational YouTube video to show us, and the pats on the backs and the group "woot woot woots" when someone made it into the newsletter made us feel like a real team :). It was so much fun working with them (even though we didn't technically work together), and I really miss them now that I'm not at the office anymore. We really pulled together and became a silly little Cutco family, and it was quite honestly the best summer job I could have imagined having. Even coming into the office during the week and talking to the new trainees as they were just taking their first steps into the company was fun- when more than one of us talked to them at once I think we might have intimidated them a bit with our "professionalism"- Ha! But it really felt so good to be a part of something like that, and when I went in to the office for the last time and said goodbye to Jessica, it was so sad! She told me that I had done a really good job, and that I had contributed irreplaceable benefit to our branch... I will miss that excellent job!

2. A Lesson I've Learned
     This goes quite hand-in-hand with my memory. So many people, me most definitely included, are so adverse to change. It's uncomfortable, it's scary, it's unfamiliar... sometimes, change is just altogether NOT FUN. Possibly one of the worst things about going somewhere new or doing something different is that you don't know anyone, and being alone is one of the scariest things there can be. However, working at Vector really helped me learn that it doesn't matter if you have no friends in the place you're going- you'll make them when you get there. In retrospect, this has happened to me so many times in life: going to two different elementary schools, two different junior high schools, high school itself, and then going off to college... in every scary transition you make, there are always people surrounding you while you make it. It's just a matter of how you reach out to those people, and how open you are to being open :). 

3. A Wonderful Relative
     My Uncle Bill, who is married to Aunty Ada, is a particularly spectacular uncle. He is quiet and shy, but he's funny and silly and can get down and have fun with all of us kids like he's just one of us :). He has all the cool gadgets and knows all the fun games, and his laugh is incredibly contagious. But like Aunty Ada, Uncle Bill (or, for some reason unbeknown to me, Uncle Peno, as we call him) is incredibly giving. He would do anything for his family, with no task too big and no trip too far. He's the go-to uncle for all of our fishing and camping expeditions, and he always makes sure that everything is taken care of. He's easygoing and friendly, and just being around him is like a breath of fresh air. He's the uncle that never disappoints, whether it's from jumping in the pool with the rest of us or making the most delicious stew ever :).

(I would upload a photo here, but silly blogger isn't cooperating tonight)

4. A Realization
     This one is also very simple: LIFE GOES BY TOO FAST. Everyone always tries to grow up before their time (myself included), and now that I'm an adult I look at my nieces and nephews and remember being the same age as they are now, doing exactly the same amazing kid things they're doing now. I miss being a kid, a lot a lot. I miss not understanding what the word "stress" means, and I miss being able to curl up next to my mom or my Granny at the end of a "rough" day, and have all the worries just melt away into Dreamland.

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