Wednesday, March 31, 2010


There has been a serious neglect of my poor little blog here! Life has been so exciting and crazy, and this isn't really the appropriate time to be spending time on things other than schoolwork in light of that, but oh well :). I have been journaling quite a bit, so I suppose I'll transpose some of my entries here!

Something major that happened recently was the mission I went on over the week of Spring Break- I went with 7 of my friends from Chi Alpha to Newport Beach, California, and we did outreach on the UC-Irvine campus there. It was wonderful, and BEAUTIFUL, and challenging, and God moved in such exquisite ways! I'll tell more about it here later through the journal entries I wrote while we were on the trip and in reflection of the trip. For the time being, here is a photo of the wonderful team I was on!

On another note: I can't believe that it's already April!!

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