Monday, November 9, 2009

Take My Hand

     I feel so incredibly spiritually overwhelmed right now!! (And always, really... God never stops working!) Christen has been working on her sermon for her guest speaker-ship (?... What do you even call that? Ha) for a WHILE... and there have been breakthroughs and I've been able to give her snippets of advice that have given her little spurts of go-ness, but in all honestly it's been quite stop-and-go! I'm not even the one speaking to a roomful of high school kids, and I was nervous!! We'd had notecard interventions, random thought marathons, and all other manner of idea-clusters, but nothing was clicking for her with this sermon.
      Until today. I went over to sit with her for a little while this morning by the fountain, and she was seriously freaking out! Ness ensued, and then we came up with this brilliant idea: stop trying to write the bloody sermon. God speaks through us to say the words He wants us to say... He always always always has a bigger plan for us than we have for ourselves, so why should we try make our own plans? It makes so much more sense to figure out what God is doing in our lives, and simply join Him. True, deep, meaningful human success is impossible without God--there is nothing we can do for ourselves that is better than the things God does for us, through us. Every single day, I am finding out more and more the extent to which I need Him so much. I have never in my life been more happy than now, than in this period of my life where I have completely opened my heart to His love and completely immersed myself in walking with Him. I am finding out that I simply cannot do, have, live, be, without God... there are always rough patches in walks of faith, but it is so easy to allow yourself to be pulled along on the path you walk with Him and be so sure that everything will work out, because why would God ever lead you into a situation that He couldn't pull you out of? I have never known so much about my life before... and all I really know at all is God.
     Amazing, the thoughts that pop up from simple things like giving a friend advice, eh?
2 Timothy 2:15-26

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